Shifty Schiff Goes for Total Coup, Now Targeting Pence in Impeachment Effort

Shifty Schiff Goes for Total Coup, Now Targeting Pence in Impeachment Effort

You had to know that Democrats were never going to be satisfied with simply impeaching President Donald Trump and leaving it be.

That is not how a coup works. In order to have a coup you cannot leave anyone from the previous administration in power.

That is why it should be no spectacular revelation that California Rep. Adam Schiff, the Inspector Gadget of representatives, is going after Vice President Pence.

The chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, and that is ironic, claims to have evidence that Pence also committed impeachable offenses.

And if you know anything about when Schiff says he has evidence you know that you will never see it because it does not exist.

The representative was in friendly territory when he spoke to MSNBC host Rachel Maddow, no stranger to fake news herself, about it.

“You seem to still be pulling on some threads here, including some potentially provocative and consequential ones,” Maddow said.

“I’m thinking specifically about a letter that you sent to the vice president’s office this week in which you raise questions as to what the vice president knew about the president’s behavior, the president’s scheme in Ukraine, and thereby essentially his potential involvement in any coverup of that behavior by the president,” she said.

“Are you actively looking at Vice President Mike Pence and his role in this scandal, and should we expect further revelations either related to the vice president or related to the other core parts of these allegations that have resulted in this impeachment tonight?” she said.


“We have acquired a piece of evidence,” Rep. Schiff said, “a classified submission by Jennifer Williams (an aide to the Vice president).

“Something that she alluded to in her open testimony that, in going back and looking through her records, she found other information that was pertinent to that phone call that we had asked her about and made that submission.

“That submission does shed light on the vice president’s knowledge,” he said to the MSNBC host.

Watching these two is like watching Abbott and Costello except the comedy is unintentional and neither have any discernable talent.

Schiff made reference to the fact that Vice President Pence said he would not give the representative access to sensitive documents previously as if that determines guilt.

“It just goes to show that there is a body of evidence,” he said, “documentary and otherwise, that administration figures from the president on down to include the vice president do not want the American people to see or know.

“The question is, will they succeed? Will the coverup succeed? Or will the Senate insist on what we were not able to obtain in the House, and that is a White House that will comply with lawful process,” he said.

For those of you scoring at home, what Rep. Schiff is suggesting is a standard not applied in any other trial in the United States.

He wants the defendant to prove innocence and, short of that, he takes that as evidence of guilt. An insane idea that would change how trials work forever.

But that would not deter the shifty one. After all, it is not justice that he wants, it is regime change. And that means he needs to have both President Trump and Vice President Pence removed to get to a President Nancy Pelosi.