NEWS: Donald Trump Set Secret Trap 2 Catch Obama 24HRS After Rogue UN Official Exposes Active Coup At White House

NEWS: Donald Trump Set Secret Trap 2 Catch Obama 24HRS After Rogue UN Official Exposes Active Coup At White House

Obama has had an extremely difficult time relinquishing the power he was held as president of the Untied States.

He spent every waking moment in recent months obsessing on ways to take out President Trump as he operates his “shadow government” from the headquarters of his D.C. mansion just 3 miles from the White House.

Over the past couple of weeks, Obama toured Asia where he’s been going around bashing President Trump’s policies to leaders across the globe, where he was first suspiciously spotted with President Xi Jinping of China following Trump’s successful visit just a few short weeks ago, telling leaders in China, France and India that the United States is suffering from a “temporary absence of American leadership.”

Ever since Trump took office, Barack Hussein Obama has been doing everything in his power to take our new President out. Trump has constantly been plagued with leaks coming from spies that Obama has implanted throughout the White House, where our top intelligence keeps winding up in the hands of the liberal media.

In addition to constant leaks, we learned earlier this week from a rogue United Nations official that Obama is actively engaging in a coup d’état against President Trump, which is the first time this has happened to a sitting president in our nation’s history.

As Obama continues to break federal law as a civilian by meeting with foreign diplomats to plot for Trump’s removal, President Trump is now making an unprecedented move to make Obama and his minions pay for their crimes once and for all.

Working with foreign governments to overthrow the President of the Untied States as Obama is actively doing is a serious federal crime as spelled out in 18 U.S. Code 2385 that could land him 20 years in behind bars, but Obama doesn’t seem to care.

He’s still actively implanting his spies all throughout Washington D.C. where we learned this week that President Trump’s inner circle has yet again been infiltrated by an Obama operative.


Trump just learned through a CIA official that his very own National Security Advisor, General, H.R. McMaster, has been working for Obama for months and had set up surveillance on not on President Trump, but his entire family.

This latest scandal that’s ripping through Washington D.C. was unearthed by CIA officer John R. Maguire, who revealed during a recent intelligence-gathering operation that McMaster was the individual this entire time authorizing illegal surveillance on President Trump, including Trump’s entire family and also Steve Bannon.

Maguire also stated that McMaster was one of the members of Obama’s inner circle for eight years, saying that the military general has been using a burner phone to send information of his unlawful surveillance to an outside source.

What’s even more chilling is that this intelligence that was gathered by McMaster was then sent straight to a surveillance facility in Cyprus that is owned by George Soros.

The Intercept reports:

Maguire told at least two people that National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster, in coordination with a top official at the National Security Agency, authorized surveillance of Steven Bannon and Trump family members, including Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump. Adding to these unsubstantiated claims, Maguire told the potential donors he also had evidence H.R. McMaster used a burner phone to send information gathered through the surveillance to a facility in Cyprus owned by George Soros.

This latest scandal comes right on the heels of rogue United Nations official John Bolton breaking rank earlier this week, revealing there’s something much more sinister at play with Obama’s recent world tours, and that the former.

President is actively trying to overthrow Trump’s Administration, while not hesitating to break federal law to get the job done. Bolted stated that Obama is actively staging a coup d’état, which is the first timesuch a thing has ever happened to a sitting president.

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